ecigarettesBefore you can even consider giving up smoking with electronic cigarettes, you’ll have to spend a little bit of time thinking about how you feel about moving forward. Have you been a smoker for most of your life? Maybe you picked up the habit from a few friends more recently and want to put an end to it before you become wholly dependent? Perhaps smoking cigarettes simply provides you with some form of remedy that you can’t seem to find anywhere else? Well whatever your reason, you’ll need to understand how you feel about smoking in order to understand what you’ll be leaving behind.

            Your feelings about your habit can be either negative or positive; disliking how young children have to share the toxic gases that your cigarettes give off, to enjoying a cigarette before you sleep because it relaxes you are all perfectly normal feelings when it comes to smoking. What would you say if someone came up to you right now and said: “From this moment forward, you’re not smoking”? Would you be okay with the demand? Or would you immediately light a cigarette to prove a point? Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle and you’d just agree to keep people happy before waiting for a quiet minute to light up. Would you go to extremes to take your habit out of sight if need be? The way you’d deal with this situation can speak volumes about where you are in your own specific journey to quitting.

            It’s worth investigating the reason behind your smoking habit also, because understanding the cause can be the first step towards reaching the cure. If you developed your habit through stress or to suit your lifestyle, you might find the process of giving up more difficult than someone who started through peer pressure and in this way electronic cigarettes reviews which educate you may be very useful for you as you will still be able to “smoke” when you are stressed. If you found smoking to be a way to fit in when image and friends were most important to you, there wasn’t necessarily an intrinsic need to form a habit. If you found smoking more of an act of escapism or form of relaxation, then it’s more likely that you have what’s referred to as an “addictive personality”. Understanding the differences between why you smoke and how you currently feel about smoking will help you to unravel the threads that tie you to your habit.